Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting​

Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting

Combined with landscape architects, interior designers, urban planners, architects, engineers, environmental ecologists, environmental artists, educators, and other professionals, we are willing to explore and break the boundaries of the design. We can not only keep loving and respect to our profession, but also find joy in design like children.
We want to give a lifetime of service to multi-disciplinary and multi-professional integration of the design. Our priority projects include high-quality public spaces, grey space utilization, sponge city construction, landscape aesthetic research, design & education, full process consultancy, and so on.
To provide complete design products for cities and clients, we insist on a research-based method, which could always solve problems of the site or the users with the goal to creat good living scenarios for the city.
With the principles of integrity, innovation, publicness, and ecology in design, we treat every inch of land carefully. We have already completed some qualified and influential projects, which could contribute to the positive development of the field and help to establish the design standards.



Master’s degree, College of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Peking University

Founding Partner and Design Director, Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting CO., LTD

Committee member, Declaration of Landscape Architecture in China

Adjunct assistant professor, Faculty of Architecture, Hong Kong University

Postgraduate enterprise tutor, Department of Urban Planning, School of Architecture and Planning, Shenzhen University

Standing Director, Shenzhen New Space Public Art Institute

Expert consultant of campus construction, Southern University of Science Education Group

Expert consultant of park construction, Parks in Futian District, Shenzhen

Expert consultant of Shenzhen Talents Housing Group Co. Ltd.

Former Landscape director and Executive Committee member, Design management Center, Shenzhen Vanke Development Co. Ltd.

Former Design system expert, Vanke Group

Major Awards in recent years

Shenzhen Bay Pocket Park, 10/2015-12/2020

2020 BALI National Landscape Awards

First place, 2019 Beautiful Shenzhen Street Garden Competition

Shenzhen Civic Center Plaza, 03/ 2011-01/2019

Second place, 2019 Beautiful Shenzhen Street Garden Competition

Vanke Antoshan Garden, 05/2016-12/2019

First place, 2019 Shenzhen Beautiful Roof Garden Category Competition, Excellent Delivery Project, 2019 Vanke Southern Region Delivery Project Award

Shenzhen Vanke Hill City Residence, 05/2016-06/2019

Platinum winner, Muse Design Awards

Gold Award of Landscape Design, 2020 Melbourne Design Award.

Shenzhen Longgang District Hakka Culture Living Room Ancestral hall renovation project, 05/2016-06/2019.06

Gold winner, Muse Design Awards 2020

Winner in Innovative Architecture-Public / Culture / Education Architecture, ICONIC AWARDS 2020

Liuxiandong Vanke Cloud City

2019 Outstanding Sponge Building and District Award in Shenzhen

2019 Outstanding Construction Award for Sponge City Construction Projects in Shenzhen

Vanke Enterprise Mansions, Qianhai, Shenzhen

2019 Outstanding Sponge-Based Industrial Park Award

2019 Outstanding Construction Award for Sponge City Construction Projects in Shenzhen

The Standard Design For the Ground Floor Open Space Of Zhen&Yong Product Series in the China Merchants Group Shenzhen region

2021 Best Special Innovation Award in China Merchants Group

The Research on Landscape Design and Application of Sponge City

Shenzhen Science and Technology Achievement

2019 Shenzhen Sponge City Construction Excellent Research Achievement Award

Main Work Content

Practice Project

Responsible for diverse types of projects including real estate and government agent construction condominium , apartments, port apartment, schools (i.e., kindergarten, primary school, middle school), creative park, industrial office, corporate headquarters, commercial building, integrated TOD, urban village, urban square, urban park, community garden, block design, etc. Responsible for designing and building several high-quality projects such as Vanke Fifth Garden; Vanke Hill City; Vanke Antoshan Garden; Vanke Mangrove Bay Garden; Vanke Residential Experience Pavilion; Bantian Spark Online Creative Park, Vanke Qianhai Enterprise Park; Hongling Experimental Primary School; Hill City Foreign Language Primary School; Hill City Kindergarten; Liuxian Primary School; Vanke Liuxiandong Area Cloud City; Longgang Art Museum, Library, Children's Palace Square; Longgang Vanke Community Commerce; Longgang Vanke Shopping Mall Plaza; Museum of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Lhasa, Tibet; 19th Botanical Congress Memorial park; Shenzhen Civic Center Plaza; Shenzhen Jingtian Community Park group; Shenzhen Bay Pocket Park, Shenzhen Wenxin Park, Shenzhen Mawan Harber, Spongy Retrofit Scheme Of Dameisha Area Reconstruction, Xiangshanli Primary School, Long Zhu Avenue Green Space Improvement Etc.

Research project

I am responsible for research projects of integrated residential community design, school design, street design, sponge city design, environmental performance, design baseline standard, sustainable material and craft, landscape product research, development, and standardization.
Integrated Residential Community
Landscape research on the Dream Home Community has been carried out since 2013. My team focused on the needs of residents and realized the transformation from a demonstration scene to a life scene. We proposed concepts of easy-home routine, healthy walking trail, community living room, etc., which have greatly influenced the industry and are still under continuously updating.
We have started exploring of creating community landscape scenarios under high-density urban development in 2016 and proposed the idea of breaking the community boundary and advocating block-style city life. Practical projects of Series Zhen, such as Vanke Antoshan Garden and Vanke Mangrove Bay Garden, had been high-quality delivered, representing the benchmarking of residential design and setting new standards for the industry.
Landscape research and development of primary and secondary schools has been carried out since 2015, projects represented by Liuxian Primary School have become the benchmark of school design in Shenzhen. Since then, Vanke has obtained many school construction projects, which influenced the construction standards and led to the establishment of school design standards in Shenzhen.
Sponge Cities
Systematic research and development of sponge city problems in high-density development environments have been carried out since 2015. In May 2019, my project "Landscape Design and Application Research of Sponge City" passed the Scientific and Technological Achievement Appraisal of Shenzhen and won the Outstanding Research Achievement Award of Sponge City Construction of Shenzhen
I focused on the research and practice of sponge city in this project, and adhered to the working method of “theory can be implemented, scenes can be covered, results can be encapsulated, research and development can be iterated, and connotation can be extended". Vanke Qianhai Enterprise Park; North and South Green Gallery of Cloud City, and other projects have become the benchmarks and won the government project award with the amount of 3.78 million yuan.
Parks and Streets
My research project Vanke Street and Community Park design of Shenzhen, started in 2016 and applied the research achievements to real estate development projects. In 2017, the agent construction system of Shenzhen was fully launched. As a professional real estate management consultant team, my team participated in projects on streets, parks, squares, protected land design, etc. we discussed the on-site and social issues like the demand and contradiction of blocks and community parks. The completed projects were recognized by the government and citizens.
The Bottom Line Standard
Organizing visits to companies in Vanke's Southern Region, their projects and intensely interviewed customers. We analyzed the complex product data of recent years and compiled the “Vanke Southern Regional Landscape Product Bottom Line Standard.” The published standard covers the content of consumer safety, healthy, convenience, durability, and resource efficiency with 66 standard terms.
Environmental performance research
My team has started the legal research of environmental performance based on available research of life scenarios since 2013. We introduced the environmental suitability analysis method to site scale, selected wind speed, light and noise as evaluation indexes, and established the ecological performance evaluation system. At the same time, I put forward the concept of “Healthy outdoor life for one hour every day.”
Sustainable Material and craft research Over the years, my team has carried out material and craft research on porous materials, precast concrete material PC, roof grass blanket, composite aerial waterscape, ecological soft lake, non-pesticide lawn, and keep improving the construction practices.
Landscape research and standardization My team has been interested in the research and development of landscape and product standardization for many years. Since 2021, we have completed research projects such as the Standard Design of the Ground Floor Open Space for China Merchants Group and the Product Aesthetics Research for China Resources Group. These projects propose standardized design methods from the dimensions of design traceability, theoretical prototypes, and design elements, and promote the methodological research development of design theory.

Project Expertise

Integrated residential area design, city street design, school, city and community park design, sponge city design, environmental performance, landscape product research, development and standardization.

Design Proposition

Providing a safe, durable, healthy and comfortable, convenient, and sustainable environment for cities and residents; building good life scenarios and harmonious ecological environment; solving urban public life and urban environmental problems with professional capabilities.



我们致力于项目的多专业、多学科的融合,优势项目类型包括公共空间品质营造、城市灰空间利用、高密度开发下海绵建设、美学研究、设计+教育、全过程顾问等。 我们坚持以研究的方式做项目,以问题为导向、以创造美好生活场景为目标,为城市与客户提供完整的设计产品。




























2015年开始,对高密度开发环境下的海绵城市问题进行系统性地研发,2019年5月,主导课题《海绵城市景观化设计及应用研究》获得深圳市科学技术成果鉴定,获得2019年深圳市海绵城市建设优秀研究成果奖。 在主持的项目中积极开展海绵城市研究与实践,坚持海绵城市“理论可落地、场景可覆盖、成果可封装、研发可迭代、内涵可延伸”的工作方法。前海企业公馆、云城南北绿廊等项目成为深圳市标杆与并获得政府项目奖励,金额378万。