Healing the Soul
Healing the Land

Linking  Research & Design of Living Environments. 


  1. Contributing to the fundamental scientific basis of Landscape Architecture and other highly relevant fields.
  2. Linking the science to arts and humanistic scholarship in the field of Landscape Architecture and other highly relevant fields.
  3. Linking the science explicitly to Landscape Architecture practice through guidelines, standards, advice, evaluation studies, etc.

Key Research Questions

  • How, and to what extent, do a wide variety of urban environments, especially natural landscapes, influence human health and wellbeing ?
  • How can virtual reality and other cutting-edge techniques be used as a tool to study impacts of urban environments on human health and wellbeing?
  • How can we challenge and develop the established theories, concepts, and notions? 
  • How can scientific evidence found in the lab be used to direct or support urban and landscape planning and design practice?

Latest News

Dec, 2023

Impacts of sights and sounds on anxiety relief in the high-density city has been published in Landscape and Urban Planning.

April, 2023