Design & Design Education

Challenging, Redefining, and Healing:Using the Central of Hong Kong as a sample site to propose a multi-layer pedestrian system for the future cities
The Humane Cemetery : Landscape of death as guerrilla opportunities to promote social inclusion
From E-waste to E-restoration: Using landscape architecture to promote electronic pollution treatment and ecological sustainability in Guiyu Town, Guangdong, China

First Prize (Top Prize) of 2022 YuanYe International Awards ; Gold Award of 2022 ASIAN DESIGN AWARD

Herbal Park As An Early Social Intervention Landscape Catalyst To Mitigate The Tragedy Of Being Homeless In Hong Kong​

Gold Award of 2022 Asian Design Award

Guideline for Restorative Community Landscape
Hidden Logic: A Studio at Chiang Mai, Thailand
Migrant Children and Psychological Development
Silver Prize, Asian Design Award
New “three realms”

2021 College Students Theme Flower Border Design Competition

Visible-Invisible frame: Discover the hidden aesthetic moments

Silver Prize, Asian Design Award

District Hill Cemetery Master Plan


Seeding Specificity:
Materials and Methods for Novel Ecoystems


Parsons Island Conservation and Regeneration Plan


From Gold to Pearl: A Framework of Eco-friendly Industry Catalyzing River Revitalization​


Strategic planning of a nature education program for preschoolers in urban areas with the goal of cultivating “Grit”

First Place in International Design Competition

Memorial Park of Zhongshan Battleship and Wetland Garden

1st Place of International Design Competition

Celebrating Ordinariness
Urban Plaza and Community for Active Living

First Place in International Design Competition