Alienation and Deficit of Nature

Series 1

Constant Evolution of Materialism Leads to Alienation of Nature

With the blessing of mobile network technology and or materialized desire, AI techonology, materilism, or materialized desire, has become an important force driving human activities…

Series 2

Crisis of Contemporary Human Life Styles

The crisis of contemporary human lifestyles does not only refer to the crisis arising from human actions that act directly or indirectly on nature, but also includes the crisis of human lifestyle…

Series 3

Over-entertainment and Nature Deficit Disorder

Our world is entering the stage of “entertainment to death” and “vulgarization of the senses”…

Series 4

Crisis of perception: Pictorializing of Nature​

Perhaps the most immediate purpose of human contact with nature is to view it. But the act of viewing is essentially the reduction of a rich system to a single image or set of images that can be pleasing to the senses…