Chuzhen Wang

Chuzhen WANG is a PhD student at the Division of Landscape Architecture at the University of Hong Kong. Her current research interests include exploring impacts of the urban environment on adolescents at the interface of behavior, psychology, and neuroscience.


Research interest: Built Environment and Public Health; Environmental Psychology; Emotional Responses; Neuroscience


B.A. BFU; MLA. BFU; PhD student in LA HKU


IFLA Asia-Pacific Region
Landscape Architecture Awards of Exellence 2023


IFLA 2020 Student Poster Competition Honorable Mention


CHSLA Graduate Group of 2021 College Student Design Competition First Prize



Awards of Excellence – IFLA Asia-Pacific Region Landscape Architecture Awards. 2023

Honor for Outstanding Graduate – Beijing. 2023

Finalists Landscape Institution Award. 2022

Third Prize 2022 Science and Technology Award of the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. 2022

First Prize – Graduate Group of 2021 College Student Design Competition – Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture. 2022

Honorable Mention IFLA 2020 Poster Competition – Organizing Committee of IFLA. 2020

Outstanding Student Cadre Beijing Forestry University. 2019

Research & Scholarship


Wang, R., Wang, C., Guo, Z., Li, J., Li, X. (2022). Landscape Emotional Evaluation and Attention Research from Tourists’ Memory of Huashan Scenic Area. Journal of Chinese Urban Forestry (05), 106-112. (in Chinese)


Wang, C. Green Space Optimisation of Climate-adaptive Campus Based on Accounts and Spatial Distribution of Carbon Source/ Carbon Sink: A Case Study of Beijing Forestry University. IFLA World Congress, Gwangju, Korea, Aug 2022. (oral presentation)

Edited Book

Li, X. et al. (2024). Examples of village greening and beautification models. China Forestry Publishing House (in Chinese)

Design Project

Urban Regeneration Under Waste LandscapeLugang Park, Baoding City, China

– 2023 IFLA Asia-Pacific Region Landscape Architecture, Awards of Exellence

– Sponsored by the International Federation of Landscape Architects 

The project is located in Baoding City, China. The site was formerly a typical suburban spoil ground. Based on the overall planning of the area and the need for ecological restoration of the site, the design team takes Nature-Based Solutions (NbS) as the most important guidelines, bringing the strengths of ecology, architecture, energy, hydrology and other disciplines to plan a series of sustainable regeneration plans and circulation models. By assessing the ecological restoration problems and resources available to the site, a problem-oriented strategy for restoration of earth, reuse of resource and reactivation of space.


Reconstructing human-land relations in Daqing City oriented towards carbon sinks and recycling 

– 2021 Graduate Group of College Student Design Competition, First Prize

– Sponsored by the Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture

This project is located in Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, and focuses on the intensive development of industries and green transformation. The project uses landscape architecture techniques to ecologically capture and filter carbon, as well as mature carbon dioxide-enhanced oil recovery technology to store carbon. It aims to optimize industrial transformation, beautify the urban environment, improve citizen health, and achieve carbon sequestration and ecological cycling.