Jiali LI

Jiali LI’s two major research directions includes  designing sustainable urban systems to create healthier communities, and ecological restoration of novel landscapes.

Research interest: Built Environment and Public Health; Environmental Justice; Environmental Psychology; Environmental Behavior;Landscape Design; Urban Design

International Communication Manager

B.S. HFUT; M.S. RISD;  PhD candidate in LA HKU

Email: jli11@connect.hku.hk


ASLA Professional Award Planning and Design Category, Honor Award, 2021

ASLA Professional Award Research Category, Honor Award, 2020

ASLA Student Award Rhode Island Chapter, Merit Award, 2019

ASLA Student Award Rhode Island Chapter, Honor Award, 2018

Ruth Fisher Harwood Prize (Top-performing student), Rhode Island School of Design, 2019

The Landscape Architecture Department Thesis Award, Rhode Island School of Design, 2019

Combined Graduate Fellowship and Scholarship, Rhode Island School of Design, 2017, 2018, 2019

Outstanding Graduate Student Of Anhui Province, Anhui Province, 2016

National Scholarship, 1st Prize, China, 2013

Combined First Prize Scholarship, Hefei University of Technology, 2013, 2014, 2015

“Challenge Cup” National College Student Competition, Honorable Mention, China, 2014

Design Project

Seeding Specificity: Materials and Methods for Novel Ecosystems | Mahan Rykiel Associates

– 2020 ASLA Professional Award Research Category, Honor Award

– Sponsored by Anchor QEA

Landscape architects design novel ecosystems, these dynamic socio ecological environments lack adequate natural analogs. The research aims to expand materials and field ecological methodologies by calibrating restoration strategies and design outcomes to the specificities of real project responses, and tries to realize the high performance outcomes in novel landscapes.


Design With Dredge: Hart-Miller Island North Cell Pilot Project | Mahan Rykiel Associates

– 2018 ASLA Research Category Honor Award

– Sponsored by Anchor QEA

Design with Dredge research program represents an ongoing effort to recast and restore urban sediment as an essential component of resilient urban infrastructures. Both qualitative and quantitative methods were used to chart variable dimensions, relationships, and potentialities of dredged material in time and space, that include cartographic projection, systems mapping, case studies, suitability modeling, material testing, participatory action, and design projection to engage stakeholders, enhance the technical capacity of partners in Baltimore and the Chesapeake Bay.


The ‘Mutualism System’ For The Canal Network And Its Aging Community | Yangzhou, China

– 2019 Landscape Architecture Department Thesis Award

– Nominated For Design Indaba’s Inclusion At 2019 Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven

My research focuses on exploring how the built environment and sustainable urban systems influence wellbeing and create healthier communities for people. Using urban design and smart city technologies as the tool to address health risks brought by rapid urbanization, gentrification and environmental degradation, advance social justice for the marginalized community. The research narrows down the scoop to the physical and mental marginalization status of low-income older adults.

Academic activity

Certificate in Collegiate Teaching in Art & Design

Founder & Instructor, Imagination Crafting Studio, RISD, USA, An elective course open to all RISD & BROWN students with capacity of 15 people. This course is about imagined places and the process of making superimposed mental experiences of time, space, sequencing, scale and phenomena manifest within our lived existence. By exploring crafting strategies during the interpretation process, students can appreciate the spatial sequence, body movement and engagement of all the senses they create bit by bit.

2D & 3D Graphic Workshop, RISD, USA, A workshop for landscape students focusing on basic graphic skills.

Graduate Teaching AssistanceConstructed Landscapes Studio — Salem City Quarter, RISD, USA

Plants & Design Studio, RISD, USA


“‌Materials and Methods for Novel Ecosystems” 2022 Landscape Architecture RPG Seminar Series, The University of Hong Kong, February 22, 2022, Online

Research & Scholarship


Hu, X., Liu X., Li J., & Jiang, B.* (2022). Creating Restorative Nearby Green Spaces for Knowledge Workers: Theoretical Mechanisms, Site Evaluation Criteria, and Design Guidelines. Landscape Architecture Frontiers, 10(2), 9-35.