Lin QIAO, a Ph.D. student at the University of Hong Kong, where explores the interaction of the built environment and human well-being. Qiao’s current research projects include 1) using face recognition to investigate people’s emotional responses to green space exposure and 2) exploring impacts of the urban environment on public health at the interface of behavior, psychology, and neuroscience. She is a researcher at heart, she is equally passionate about helping policymakers, urban planners, and designers to improve social outcomes and foster well-being. 

Research interest: Urban Green Space; Spatial Quality; Structural Beauty; Emotional Responses; Emotion Analysis; Face Recognition; Neuroscience

Deputy International Communication Manager

B.S CDUT; MSLA ZJU; Doctorial Student  in LA HKU


New “three realms”

Design project

X Space

Design Project


Top Ten Student of College of Agriculture and Biotechnology. 2021

Triple A Graduate of Zhejiang University. 2019-2020

Honor for Graduate of Zhejiang University. 2019-2020

Excellent College Graduate of Sichuan Province. 2019

Class ‘A’ honor for Comprehensive Quality of Sichuan College Student. 2018

National Scholarship (Master, top 0.1%). 2020-2021

Academic Scholarship (Master of Zhejiang University). 2019-2021

National Scholarship (Bachelor, top 0.1%). 2018-2019

Excellent Student Scholarship (top3%). 2018

Excellent Student Leader Scholarship (top3%). 2017

Research & Scholarship


Lin Qiao, Jingwei Zhuang, Xuan Zhang, Yang Su, and Yiping Xia*. (2021). ‘Assessing Emotional Responses to the Spatial Quality of Urban Green Spaces through Self-Report and Face Recognition Measures’. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(16):8526. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18168526.

Zhuang, Jingwei, Lin Qiao, Xuan Zhang, Yang Su, and Yiping Xia*. (2021). ‘Effects of Visual Attributes of Flower Borders in Urban Vegetation Landscapes on Aesthetic Preference and Emotional Perception’. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 18(17):9318. doi: 10.3390/ijerph18179318.

Design Project

New “three realms”

– 2021 College Students Theme Flower Border Design Competition, Chengdu, Sichuan, Honor Award (20/603, top 3%)

– Sponsored by the Education Committee of Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture 

The three urban development stages of wild, urban, and vibrant are reflected through various plant configuration and landscape installations. The ecological design concept creates a habitat for co-prosperity and symbiosis between the city and the ecological environment by moving from the primitive and undisturbed wild state to the desolate state of rapid urbanization.


Escape garden

– 2022 Rural Revitalization Design Competition, Lishui, Zhejiang, Bronze Award (5/265, top 2%)

– Sponsored by the National Master of Landscape Architecture Education Steering Committee

People today live in a rapidly changing society where they are subjected to a variety of pressures. People want to get away, to find spiritual redemption. The answer given by design is a garden – a space that conforms to people’s aesthetic tastes, a space that can awaken the mind and delight emotions. No matter when you visit, the flowers here open quietly, transporting you to another world, allowing you to enjoy nature and life.


X space

– 2021 Chinese Landscape Architecture Education Conference

Landscape life exists in multiple dimensions, with time and space intertwined. The delicate design allows the landscape to grow, update, and adapt to the site’s impact. X stands for “unknown,” “infinite,” and “custom,” and it represents the realm of possibility. The design aspires to create a new multi-dimensional space that is shared by all, a symbiosis of human environment and time, where people can feel emotionally at home.