Sirui LI

Sirui LI is a landscape designer in the US. He’s interested in exploring data analysis and visualization, geographic information systems(GIS) and interactive design such as UI/UX, interactive illustration and generative art.

Part-time research assistant



SMART GARDEN Community-Based Prototype of A Multi-Level Participation & Digital Facilitated Community Garden

PLANTS BOOK Plants Infographic Collection

Design Projects

Customized Landscape Design: Recalling natural ecosystems to urban city      

– This project is the studio  ‘Site Ecology Design’ in the 2019 spring semester at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).

The purpose of this project is to recover the natural ecosystem from brownfields and transform this marginalized place into a functional habitat. It is based on the spatiotemporal characterization of the existing ecosystem to create a customized assemblage of sub-ecosystems that are suitable to the chosen site. Customized ecosystems enable us to rebuild diverse and resilient ecosystems that not only preserve the landscape characteristics of these geographic locations but also create a recreational conservation park for local residents. This project is intended to pursue a sustainable strategy through brownfields redevelopment, which is also adaptable to brownfields in other regions.

Breathing Again: Treating Baltimore Lung

– Studio Project: Urban Design 2020 Spring   Work Type: Teamwork (only select my individual part)    Location: Baltimore    Faculty Advisor: Suzanne Mathew

This project aims to revitalize Baltimore from a landscape architecture perspective by addressing the vacancy dilemma to promote urban growth. We first categorize the main re-development region into three types of districts – educational center, commercial center, and JFX railroad system complex region. By retrofitting disused vacancies in each district with community service facilities and green spaces, this proposal expects to establish a new economic model of urban growth, promote public well-being, and create a sustainable and livable urban environment in Baltimore city.

The Shifting Home

Work Goal:  Legendary Bird Home   Work type: Individual work  Work time: 2020

Working Experience

Hoerr Schaudt (Chicago Studio), Landscape designer, 09/2021

Concept Design, Schematic Design(SD), Design Development(DD), Construction Document(CD), Modeling, Hand Rendering, Digital Rendering, CAD Drawing, Presentation Booklet, Planting Design


TAASI East (Providence and Batticaloa, Sri Lanka), Intern, Landscape designer, 07/2020

Data analysis, Mapping, Economic trend analysis, House-building Planning, House design


Landworks Studio Inc. Intern, Landscape designer, 12/2019

Collaborate with a professional team to create urban planning and design

involved in AutoCAD drafting and InDesign rendering;  Present project design through both physical and digital model-building; Work on Landscape projects in Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Abu Dhabi


Power China, Chengdu Engineering Corporation, Water Environment & Municipal, Engineering Branch; Landscape Designer, Project Manager(PM), 03/2016

Involved in the landscape design and development in city planning, architectural design for real estate projects and municipal enhancement projects; Conducted stream simulation through Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) and daylighting simulation through Ecotect; applied Sponge City;  Technology to surrounding water resource governance


Yuanzi Environmental Planning and Design Studio, Landscape Designer, Project Manager(PM), 12/2014

Created landscape design plans on buildings and plants placement, and structures design; performed brainstorming and 80% hand drawn scheme of client’s landscape; Responsible for over 50% of the analysis diagram design by AutoCAD, SketchUp, Adobe PhotoShop and Illustrator, and all the landscape renderings with Lumion


Shanghai Landscape Engineering Company, Landscape Designer Assistant, 04/2014

Completed the overall preliminary scheme for high-end residential clients through AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft PowerPoint; Assisted the team with the landscape sketch and guidance mark design using; SketchUp and Adobe Photoshop Involved in the Sponge City projects on SWMM rainwater simulation


Research Assistant (Part-time); Virtual Reality lab of Urban Environments & Human Health, The University Of Hong Kong; 10/2021

Data Visualization Designer (Part-time); PhD Student Department, School of Design, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 11/2021

Team Leader of research group; Sichuan Uni. Architecture Environment College Immersion Program Session; 06/2017

Co-founder& Design Director; NIGA Design Studio (College Students Innovation Project); 2012