Wenyan XU

Wenyan XU is a PhD in the Division of Landscape Architecture, The University of Hong Kong. Her research focuses on environmental impact on human health, related to the topic of soundscape, landscape preference and justice, and landscape ecology and sustainability.

Research interest: Environment and human health; Environmental psychology; Landscape preference and justice; Landscape ecology and sustainability

Research Project Manager


Email: xuwenyan@connect.hku.hk


Peer Reviewer of Journal of Urban Forest & Urban Greening, and Journal of Outdoor Recreation and Tourism

Outstanding Postgraduate, Scholarship of Excellent Innovation; Excellent thesis of Academic Master, China University of Mining and Technology 06/2019

The National Scholarship, The Chinese Ministry of Education 10/2018

Recommend to CUMT and rank first, Anhui University of Mining and Technology 06/2016

Research & Scholarship


Xu, W., Jiang, B., Sullivan, W. C., Webster, C., Lu, Y., Chen, N., … & Chen, B. (2024). Racial disparities in environmental exposures and SARS-CoV-2 infection rates: A detailed population-weighted analysis. Sustainable Cities and Society101, 105135.

Xu, W., Wang, H., Su, H., Sullivan, W.C., Lin, G., Pryor, M., Jiang, B.* (2024). Impacts of sights and sounds on anxiety relief in the high-density city. Landscape and Urban Planning, 241, 104927. (IF: 7.649)

Xu, W., & Zhao, J.* (2023). Investigating Visual Aesthetic Fatigue in Urban Green Spaces. International Journal of Environmental Research17(2), 27. (IF:3.230)

Xu, W., Jiang, B., & Zhao, J. *(2022). Effects of seasonality on visual aesthetic preference. Landscape Research, 1-12. (IF: 2.055)

Jiang, B.*, Xu, W., Ji, W., Kim, G., Pryor, M., & Sullivan, W. C.* (2021). Impacts of nature and built acoustic-visual environments on human’s multidimensional mood states: A cross-continent experiment. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 77, 101659.

Lu, Y., Chen, L., Liu, X., Yang, Y., Sullivan, W.C., Xu, W., Webster, C.,& Jiang, B. *(2021). Green space mitigates racial disparity of health: A higher ratio of green spaces indicates a lower racial disparity in SARS-CoV-2 infection rates in the USA. Environment International, 152, 106465. (IF: 7.577; Q1).

Xu, W., Zhao, J., Huang, Y., Hu, B. (2018). Design intensities in relation to visual aesthetic preference. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 34: 305-310. (IF: 4.021; Q1).

Zhao, J., Xu, W., Ye, L. (2018). Effects of auditory-visual combinations on perceived restorative potential of urban green space. Applied Acoustics, 169-177. (IF: 2.440; Q2)

Xu, W., Zhao, J., & Ye, L. (2018). Culture is new nature: comparing the restorative capacity of cultural and natural landscapes. International Journal of Environmental Studies, 1-19.

Xu, W., Zhao, J. (2018). Biological basis and cultural influence of environmental aesthetics as well as design application. Landscape Architecture, 154 vol. 25. (Chinese).

Zhao, J., Xu, W., & Lin B. (2018). An evidence-based study on plant landscape design in urban green spaces from the perspective of aesthetic preference of the public. Urban Problems, p. 41-45 (Chinese).

Zhao, J., Xu, W., & Li, R. (2017). Visual preference of trees: the effects of tree attributes and seasons. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, 25, 19-25. (IF: 4.021; Q1)


Xu, W., & Jiang, B.* (2020). Effect of seasonality on visual aesthetic preference of urban landscapes. In 14th International Association for China Planning (IACP) Virtual Conference. Shenzhen, China, 2020.

Xu, W., & Jiang, B.* (2022). Examining the Effect of Green Spaces and Built Intensity on Mitigating Racial Disparity in SARS-CoV-2 Infection Rates in the USA” has been fully accepted by the CELA (Council of Educators in Landscape Architecture) conference.

Invited Lectures


Xu, W. 21 April 2022. Examining the Environmental Impact on Drivers’ Mental and Physiological Status on Urban Roads, HKU research seminar series.

Knowledge Exchange

Teaching assistant

ARCH4705_ARCH7142 Strategic Landscape Planning & Landscape history and theory II, MLA,  The University of Hong Kong, Spring 2022

ARCH7153 Landscape plants and ecology II, MLA, The University of Hong Kong, Autumn 2021

ARCH7142 Landscape history and theory II, MLA, The University of Hong Kong,  Spring 2021

ARCH4705/ARCH7142 Strategic Landscape Planning & Landscape History and Theory,  MLA, The University of Hong Kong, Spring 2020