Yuwen YANG

Yuwen YANG’s research interests focus on the impacts of built environments on life threatening chronic and infectious diseases, and environmental justice.

Research interests: Environmental Health; Environmental Psychology; Epidemiology

Research Project Manager

BSc Maine; MLA, Georgia; PhD HKU



American Association of Landscape Architecture Student Honor Award, ASLA, District Hill Cemetery Master Plan, Georgia, USA, 2018

Honorable mention of the “Campus Rainworks Challenge” by the American Environmental Protection Agency, Georgia, USA, 2016

Jordan Scholarship for the academic year, Georgia, USA, 2016

Regents’ Waiver of the Out-of-State Tuition for the academic year, Georgia, USA, 2015-16 

Landscape Horticulture Scholarship, Maine, USA, 2011-12

Dean’s list, Maine, USA, 2011-13

Research & Scholarship


Yang, Y., & Jiang, B. (2023). Green spaces in highly urbanized tracts tied to lower prevalence of chronic respiratory diseases: A nationwide study across levels of urbanicity. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening90, 128149.

Jiang, B., Yang, Y., Chen, L., Liu, X., Wu, X., Chen, B., Webster, C., Sullivan, W. C., Larsen, L., Wang, J., & Lu, Y. *(2022). Green spaces, especially nearby forest, may reduce the SARS-CoV-2 infection rate: A nationwide study in the United States. Landscape and Urban Planning, 104583.

Yang, Y., Lu, Y., & Jiang, B.* (2022). Population-weighted exposure to green spaces tied to lower COVID-19 mortality rates: A nationwide dose-response study in the USA. Science of The Total Environment, 851, 158333.

Lu, Y., Chen, L., Liu, X., Yang, Y., Sullivan, W.C., Xu, W., Webster, C.,& Jiang, B. *(2021). Green space mitigates racial disparity of health: A higher ratio of green spaces indicates a lower racial disparity in SARS-CoV-2 infection rates in the USA. Environment International, 152, 106465.

Yang, Y., Dong, Y., Liu, X., & Jiang, B. *(2020). Investigating the urban central waterfront space from the perspective of healthy city: theoretical mechanisms, scientific evidence, and critical Characteristics. Shanghai Urban Planning Review, 2020(02), 57-64.


Yang, Y., Dong, Y., Liu, X., & Jiang, B.“Investigate the Impacts of Landscape Characteristics on the disparity of Children and the Elderly’ Presence and Behavior in Urban central Waterfront using the mixed method.” Council for Educators in Landscape Architecture, United States, 2021

Yang, Y., Dong, Y., Liu, X., & Jiang, B. The role of landscape elements in impacting user behavior at urban waterfront promenade: A quantitative landscape social performance analysis using behavior mapping and GIS. 14th IACP in Shenzhen. January, 2020.

Yang, Y., “Assessing Public Perception of Green Infrastructure in Academic Settings: Using the University of Georgia Campus as An Example”, Council for Educators in Landscape Architecture, Louisville, United States, 2020

Government report

Jiang, B., Yang, Y., Dong, Y., Lan, L., Liu, X. (2020). Investigating the Urban Central Waterfront Space from the Perspective of Healthy City: Theoretical Mechanisms, Scientific Evidence, and Critical Strategies. In the research project Spatial intervention and management of jiangbei district in ningbo from the perspective of landscape architecture: using the east bank of the old bund as an example. [Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau of Jiangbei District, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. In Chinese]

Knowledge Exchange


Yang, Y., Dong, Y., Liu, X. (2019) Urban humanistic data: Quantitative observation and analysis of human behavior in urban central waterfront space.  in 2019 BI-CITY BIENNALE OF URBANISM\ARCHITECTURE, Shenzhen, 2019/10-2019/12


DigitalFUTURES world workshops. Imaging Landscape: Computer Vision and Landscape Perception workshop, 2020/06

Teaching Experience

ARCH2203_ARCH7159 Environment, Community & Design, Environment, Environment and Communities of the City, Spring 2022

ARCH4703 Landscape & Design in China, Fall 2020 & 2021

ARCH4705/ARCH7142 Strategic Landscape Planning & Landscape History and Theory, Spring 2020