Design Practice Partners

(A list in alphabetical order)

Greater Bay Area Ecology and Landscape Alliance

Chairman: Mr. Patrick LAU; Secretary General: Mrs. Mandy KWOK

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area Ecology and Landscape and Alliance (GBAELA) was founded in 2018. The establishment of GBAELA is conducive to the communication, integration, complementarity, and utilisation of landscape industry in Guangdong, Hong Kong, and Macao.

Under the background of Belt and Road Initiative and Greater Bay Outline Development Plan, GBAELA aims to promote and enhance competitiveness, sustainability and habitability of Greater Bay Area with the cooperative principle to prioritise ecological and sustainable development; to facilitate the Bay’s coordinated development in economic, social, cultural and ecological environment; to construct an internationally competitive world-class ecological area; and to create a beautiful and pleasant international metropolitan area.


Cofounder & Research and Design Director : Mr. Liang LI; Research and Design Manager & Designer-in-Chief: Mrs. Xiao CHEN

Zinialand Design is a Chengdu-based company founded in 2006 with subsidiaries in Chongqing, Xi’an, and Shenzhen. Through multi-dimensional research and innovation, Zinialand Research and Development Center (ZRDC) is devoted to searching for new values in landscape design. ZRDC develop landscape theories through practice and invent novel research products with both excellent functionality and creativity. Finally, ZRDC transform research achievements into landscapes designs and constructions. Our research topics include but not limited to new materials and computational design, environment and psychology, perceptions and behaviors, ecology and sustainability, etc. Zinialand has been awarded platinum, golden, silver or list of qualifiers internationally in many awards, such as 2021 TITAN AWARDS, MUSE SESIGN AWARDS 2022, BERLIN DESIGN AWARDS 2022, LICC 2021 PROFESSIONAL, CREDAWARD ESTIMATE DESIGN, LIA YUANJIANG, etc.

Shenzhen Weiming Design Consulting

Design Director: Mr. Di CHE

Combined with landscape architects, interior designers, urban planners, architects, engineers, environmental ecologists, environmental artists, educators, and other professionals, we are willing to explore and break the boundaries of the design. We can keep loving and respecting our profession and find joy in design like children.

We want to give a lifetime of service to multi-disciplinary and multi-professional integration of the design. Our priority projects include high-quality public spaces, grey space utilization, sponge city construction, landscape aesthetic research, design & education, full process consultancy, and so on. To provide complete design products for cities and clients, we insist on a research-based method,  which could always solve problems of the site or the users with the goal to create good living scenarios for the city.

With the principles of integrity, innovation, publicness, and ecology in design, we treat every inch of land carefully. We have already completed some qualified and influential projects, which could contribute to the positive development of the field and help to establish the design standards.

Mr. Xiaochen MA

S.P.I (Shanghai Office), Chief Designer

Founded in 2007, S.P.I Design is a comprehensive landscape design platform driven by “innovative design” with its headquarters in Guangzhou. Now it establishes 3 business modules of “community”, “culture & tourism” and “urban” with the completion of more than 3,000 high-quality projects in over 100 cities in China. Based on the New Shanshui Design Concept, S.P.I has dedicated itself to China’s rural and urban development as well as the creation of an ecological civilization. Additionally, it is motivated by creative design, with digital technology serving as the foundation and Shanshui General Theater serving as the carrier.

Having established close working relationships with 90% of the top 30 real estate groups in China and being a professional in systematic landscape design, S.P.I. offers Chinese governments high-quality planning and design services, customized systematic and integrated professional solutions in the areas of community environment, commercial complex, cultural tourism, characteristic towns, urban design, and regional planning. S.P.I has also won IFLA awards, Chinese Society of Landscape Architecture Awards, exploration and design awards, CREDAWARD, Kinpan Award, Asia Design Prize, Italy’s A’Design Award, and America’s IDA.


Founding Director: Mr. Jason HILGEFORT

“Land+Civilization Compositions (L+CC) is a Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Rotterdam based office that works and collaborates on issues related to built form, with a portfolio scope from research to design. We seek to interactively and informally brainstorm through some of our current questions about the formation of our built environment, over our past and current work in a variety of countries I contexts. The works of the office do not seek to merely design buildings, landscapes, or cities. Instead LCC harnesses the myriad of systems that are the backbone of our shared habitats – the movement of people, the flow of water/air, and the emerging digital interfaces – and coalesces them into an inextricably interwoven beautiful whole. The resulting formal expressions reinterpret the heritage of their localities, speak to the contemporary cultural conditions, and frame the emergent futures at hand. LCC has won best built landscape in Asia 2020, been a finalist for Best Young World Designer 2018, and they have built works on 6 continents in the last decade. Recently their work has been exhibited in – New York, Sao Paolo, Rotterdam, Madrid, Venice, Istanbul, Cape Town, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Melbourne. Their writings have been published in AD, Architecture Review, Domus, Volume and more. And they have given key note lectures ranging from Harvard GSD, TU Delft, Asia Business Council, Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Swiss Architecture Museum, Global Maker Sustainable Innovation and Development Forum, Future Cities+ Future Technologies Conference, and many more.

Locus Associates

Design Director: Mr. Brandon HUANG

Brandon Huang is trained architecturally in his formative years in Tsinghua University (China) and studied under Professor Hu Jie and Professor Zhu Yufan; He got a master’s degree of landscape architecture at the Harvard Graduate School of Design (USA). His tutor is Professor Richard Forman, the father of landscape ecology.

After graduation in 2007, he joined famous international firms such as HOK and RMJM, etc.  He started his own firm LOCUS Associates on 2011, and has completed more than 50 high quality landscape works in China and Southeast Asia, ranging from urban and rural parks, museums and cultural center, high-end residential, resort hotels, etc. He has won numerous design awards, including HKILA, IFLA, MUSE, IDA, DNA, A & D TROPHY, AMP, HKDA, APIDA, IAI, etc.

He believes that through cautious design, landscape will bridge the architectural urban space with the environment and connect people back with Natural. Landscape will heal the land we destroyed, soften the city we paved, and vitalize the environment we polluted.

Mapping Workshop

Director: Dr. Jason HO

Mapping Workshop is an urban think tank formed by architect Jason Ho in 2007 in Melbourne, with the goal to understand the idea of change and how designers can respond to our immediate environment. Designers are used to looking at cities from the top, whereby small details are usually ignored. Mapping Workshop tries to look at very small things and specific situations of cities through a worm’s- eye view. Mapping Workshop prefers to work with existing conditions and encourages designers to take the existing patterns of use as a point of departure in achieving maximum effect with minimum design gestures.

Guangzhou Turen Landscape

Design Director: Mr. Wei PANG

Guangzhou Turen Landscape was founded in 2000. It has been 22 years so far and has become the most creative and influential landscape comprehensive company in China. It attaches great importance to the creation of a good relationship between land and people in the process of urbanization, attaches great importance to the creativity of design and respects the differences of different subjects and projects, and is committed to the landscape that contributes to the city, the landscape that will be remembered in time, and the landscape that has cultural meaning.

They have completed the landscape design of Zhongshan Qijiang Park, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Shenzhen East Overseas Chinese Town Wetland Garden, Shenzhen Futian Memory Park, landscape Design of Shunde Midea Headquarters Building, the landscape design of the Dongguan Vanke Construction Research Base, the landscape design of the Memorial Garden of the 19th International Botany Congress in Shenzhen and other projects that have won wide acclaim from the society and respected by the industry, are local creations for Chinese landscapes Significant practice and effort has been made.

O&M International Design

Director: Mrs. Xu QIAO

O&M International Design is committed to build a better city through our international team with sustainable creativity and innovation. The team believes in the design concept of adopting flexible ecology to create richer living space at very little environmental cost. We generate renewed vitality in the space by fusing smart approaches into ecological environment. O&M provides design services in the following sectors: Urban and Rural Development and Renewal, Smart City and Low Carbon, Children Friendly, Public Space, etc.

O&M’s team consists of landscape architects originated from Paris and registered in France, and professional architects with diversified backgrounds from Beijing. The team has rich experiences and excellent track records of designing and managing traditional as well as contemporary projects covering architecture, landscaping, painting, and sculpturing.

Mr. Shuo YAN

James Corner Field Operations, Associate landscape architect

Shuo Yan is a landscape and urban designer at James Corner Field Operations, focusing on the landscape urbanism and ecological planning. He is currently a designer on the Shenzhen Central Park in China. Previously, Shuo was the designer for Presidio Tunnel Tops in San Francisco, Seaport New Development in Boston, HKUST Campus in Guangzhou, Highline Plaza in New York, Qatar Museums Cultural District in Doha and Guiwan Water Finger Park in Shenzhen (ASLA Award 2022, NY Chapter), as well as winning competitions of Xiong’an New Town Planning, and Ringroad Park in Beijing.Shuo also joined research project on Biodiversity hotspots – Atlas for the End of the World (ASLA Award 2018), and a book project on Adaptive used landscape – Parks of the 21st Century: Reinvented Landscapes (published in 2021). He brings an approach to integrate design and research that is informed by his background in planning, geology, and media, along with his previous work in several domestic and international design offices.

Shuo earned his Master of Landscape Architecture and Regional Planning degree from the University of Pennsylvania, a Master of Science in Landscape Architecture degree from Peking University, and a Bachelor of Urban Planning degree from Beijing Forestry University.


Director: Mr. Qian ZHANG

eLandscript is a landscape and urban design firm based in the Hong Kong SAR and developing in the Greater Bay Area. From ecological infrastructure planning to urban parks, riverfront, slow-traffic systems, streetscape, towers & mixed-use landscapes. eLandscript has been recognized by many international awards, including 2021 HKIUD Grand Award, 2021 A&D Gold Award, 2021 Architecture Master Prize, 2022 Architizer A+ Awards, 2021 AIA Shanghai & Beijing Awards, the DFA Awards, and the Shortlists of Dezeen Awards.